The best apps to track your workouts

Metamor-this is a universal fitness Tracker that can be used on both Android and iOS.The main advantage of this companion is that it is able to view and control all the activities of the body, whether its a workout or a strength training session.Icon quality is very good.The app is optimized for Android, and therefore displays the information in the notification shade. You can set up a reminder to do a free training session, or create a new one. The app is rated 4.5 stars on the Play Store.Text size is perfect.This is a universal app that can be used both by those who are engaged in sports and those who want to increase their skills. If you are not satisfied with your results, then the result will not be in vain! The app automatically adjusts its display to a larger size. Font choice is amazing.I can't believe it's time to upgrade. I use several different typefaces for official documents and business cards. In addition, Icons from Procreate are included in the app's distribution. The icons are stunning. The proportions are just perfect. The only complaint is that the app lacks a few basic elements: a notification shade, a grid view, and a small amount of memory. Perhaps in subsequent versions of the app, this problem will be solved.TouchID is a unique fitness tracking solution from the makers of Procreate. Unlike most other solutions, this one allows you to keep your fingerprint only for the application. This is a godsend for those who have lost their fingerprint due to faulty equipment or sloppy software.Icon quality is excellent.The app's functionality is limited to face detection. This is useful for those who have problems with sight and cannot use their natural talents for long. Those who have given up hope long ago, I advise you to look for a solution outside the traditional sports arena. Maybe in your city, you can connect with colleagues and friends, or you can completely disregard everything and focus on the competition. The latter option is the best option.Icon distribution is excellent.There are icons for: coffee, tea, lemon, egg, sausage, Turkey, chicken, Duck, boar, rabbit, bicycle, and much more. Each distribution feature is accompanied by a description and an example usage case. The description explains how the feature will be used and why. The app is beautiful and the functionality is good. The only criticism is the lack of information. A call to action is included after each purchase. This is not so annoying. The only thing missing is a map with all the data points that the training session will take place in. Perhaps in future versions this feature will be integrated.Text size is perfect.284 characters is exactly what our eyes need. This is not a problem here. The text of the description is shown on the main window, and a button to purchase is at the bottom. The